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Reigning with Purpose: My National United Miss Plan

Hey there, readers! Today, I want to share a plan that I'll put into action if I'm crowned National United Miss next week. It's so important to have a solid plan when serving as a brand ambassador. As a queen with a clear vision and unwavering determination, I am here to show that I am not just a titleholder but a leader with a well-crafted plan and the dedication to see it through.

Here's what's in store:

Be Present: Connecting with You, the National United Miss Family

I'm making it my top priority to attend a minimum of five IUM state pageants during my reign. These events will be my chance to interact with contestants, provide mentorship and support, and share my journey as an International United Miss titleholder. By being present at these pageants, my ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to chase their dreams, regardless of their previous competition history. Especially as the reigning National United Miss, a unique title that offers a second chance to both state queens who have previously competed at IUM and state runner-ups seeking the unforgettable experience of a week at Nationals.

Building Bridges: Connecting My Personal Sponsors with the IUM Organization

With a network built over eight years of competing in the pageant industry, I will work closely with the International United Miss team to identify areas of alignment between my sponsors and the organization's initiatives. I’m talking about featuring sponsors in IUM events, promoting their fantastic products or services through captivating social media campaigns, and exploring opportunities for mind-blowing co-branded content and collaborations. By fostering these exciting partnerships, we can amplify the organization's reach and impact while providing invaluable exposure and support for my sponsors.

A Glimpse Behind the Crown: Expanding the BoldBeautifulBlog

As National United Miss, I will document my journey on this blog! Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at my experiences, challenges, and triumphs. I will share the ups and downs, the empowering moments with my #SistersbySash, and the lessons learned along the way. Together, we will dive into the world of an International United Miss Queen and witness firsthand the transformative power of this incredible organization.

Advocating: Assault and Domestic Violence Awareness

One cause that hits incredibly close to home for me is raising awareness about the harsh realities of sexual assault and domestic violence. During my reign, I'll proactively reach out to collegiate Greek organizations, shining a spotlight on my personal experiences as a survivor and emphasizing the criticality of addressing these issues within their communities. By collaborating with campus leaders, student organizations, and vital support services, we'll organize seminars that educate participants about the signs of abuse, promote healthy relationships, and empower students to actively contribute to the prevention and support systems surrounding these issues.

As an aspiring National United Miss, I am fully committed to embracing this incredible opportunity and making a significant impact on the world around me. I firmly believe that I am ready to serve as National United Miss because I possess the passion, drive, and commitment to fulfill the duties of this title. As a queen with a plan, I am dedicated to representing the International United Miss organization with grace, authenticity, and a strong voice. I am ready to reign with purpose, empower others, and leave an indelible mark on the lives of those I encounter. #BeHEROIC #IUM #InternationalUnitedMiss


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Hi, I'm Brittany Goodman

Pageant Queen. Motivational Speaker. Founder of Strength Over Silence. Empowering Survivors & Breaking Barriers.

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Welcome to Bold & Beautiful, a blog documenting my journey towards the International United Miss 2023 pageant. Here, I share my experiences, challenges, and triumphs as I compete for the National United Miss title. I discuss topics that matter to me, such as body positivity, domestic violence awareness, public speaking, community service, and my platform, Strength Over Silence.


Through Bold & Beautiful, I aim to inspire and empower others by sharing my insights and perspectives. Join me on this journey, and let's uplift and encourage each other to be our best selves.

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