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The Search for Pageant Wardrobe as a Plus Size Woman: Tips and Recommendations

As a plus-size woman competing in pageants, finding the right wardrobe can be a challenge. It can be discouraging when you cannot find pieces that fit well and make you feel confident on stage. But fear not, there are options out there! In this blog post, I will provide you with tips and recommendations for where to find pageant wardrobe as a plus-size woman.

Tip #1: Research and Plan Ahead

Before you start shopping for pageant wardrobe, it’s important to do some research and plan ahead. Look for designers or stores that specialize in plus-size fashion and cater to pageant contestants. Many designers offer custom pieces, which can be a great option for finding the perfect fit and style for you. You can also check out online marketplaces such as Poshmark or eBay for gently used pageant wardrobe.

Tip #2: Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is crucial when it comes to finding pageant wardrobe that flatters your figure. Take your measurements and research the best styles for your body type. For example, A-line dresses and empire waist gowns are great for apple-shaped figures, while mermaid and trumpet gowns are ideal for hourglass shapes. Knowing what styles work best for you will save you time and frustration when shopping.

Tip #3: Shop at Plus Size Boutiques

Plus-size boutiques are a great place to find pageant wardrobe that is both stylish and flattering. They offer a wide range of clothing options, from evening gowns to cocktail dresses, that are designed to fit and flatter curvy figures. Some of my favorite plus size boutiques for pageant wardrobe include Curvy Sense, Chic and Curvy, and Kiyonna.

Tip #4: Consider Renting

If you are on a tight budget or don't want to invest in an expensive gown that you may only wear once, renting can be a great option. Rent the Runway offers a variety of designer dresses in sizes up to 22 and specializes in formal wear rentals for special occasions. Renting allows you to wear a high-end designer gown without the high-end price tag.

Tip #5: Don't Be Afraid to Alter

If you find a gown that you love but it doesn't fit perfectly, don't be afraid to have it altered. A good tailor can make minor adjustments that will ensure your gown fits like a glove. Just be sure to leave yourself enough time before the pageant to have alterations done.

By following these tips and recommendations, you can find pageant wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful on stage. Remember, being a plus-size woman is nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace your curves and show the judges what you're made of!


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